Brotherhood Beyond College

Our alumni chapter serves ANY and ALL alumni who live in, around or are visiting Orange County California regardless of where they went to school. We welcome ALL Sig alumni no matter if you went to school on the east coast, west coast, in the Midwest or the South.

The Orange County Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter

With strong chapter leadership and a large loyal base of alumni members, we continue to provide exciting events and innovative programs to benefit all local Sigs.

As our fraternity strives to promote friendship, justice, and learning as the exemplification of our brotherhood and inspires a lifelong commitment to serve our families, friends, and the communities in which we live and work, so is the goal of the Orange County Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter. If you're a Sig and you're interested in community involvement, undergraduate involvement, philanthropic service, personal and professional development or social interaction, get involved today!

Sigma Chi Fraternity, P.O. Box 7081, 1133 Camelback St., Newport Beach, CA 92658

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